Fat Torching Cardio Bonus

I want to give you a bit more information on the Fat Torching Cardio bonus that comes with Visual Impact for Women. Plus at the end of the article I have a little bonus of my own for you!

The author Rusty Moore is a fitness expert with a specialty in attaining the “Hollywood look”. From reading his previous work I know that Rusty is also a specialist in advanced cardio training. I had never read or heard about any of the cardio fat loss methods he was talking about, when I first came across his material.

Not only are his methods unique in their application, scientifically valid BUT most importantly they get results. To say that I was ‘over the moon’ when I found out that there was a free Fat Torching Cardio bonus with Visual Impact for Women is an understatement!

So here is a bit more about the bonus, PLUS don’t forget keep reading for my FREE bonus to you!

Fat Torching Cardio is a 12 Week Advanced ‘Progressive Cardio’ Program with the goal of Burning as Much Body Fat As You Desire.

A Handful of what you will get from the 12 week – Fat Torching Cardio Program

  • How using one simple option available on all Cardio Machines will super charge your intensity levels and make you forget you ever heard the term circuit training.
  • The easy to implement trick with meal timing and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that will dramatically increase the body’s natural Fat Burning Hormone.
  • Blast through fat loss plateaus by manipulating the often neglected Work-to-Rest Ratio.
  • A secret ‘Aerobic Interval’ that dramatically affects your VO2 Max….Forcing your body to burn more fat regardless of the activity.
  • How altering the Work-to-Rest Ratio of intervals could target Oxygen Debt or increase HGH Release and What this means for your fat loss efforts.
  • A killer routine done with just a StepMill machine that will exponentially Increase Aerobic Capacity – it’s called a Pyramid Interval Routine.
  • The only way Steady State Cardio and HIIT can be combined to unfairly exploit the Fat Burning ‘Window of Opportunity’.(Nobody is using this method of fat attack!)
  • 4 different levels of HIIT plus 3 different ‘Hybrid Cardio’ Routines <- to continually Burn Fat as you progress.
  • …you will be known as the Cardio Queen in your gym! (Not because of the time you spend on the equipment but because of your fantastic results and innovative training principles)

You Will Have The Ability to Systematically and Predictably Drop Body Fat on Demand.

Why do you think Hollywood actresses use cardio to get in shape for movie roles?

Cardio is one variable that you can increase to a large degree. With respect to the weight loss equation once every other facet is “maxed out”, cardio is the only thing left that you can increase.

  • Cutting calories too much can result in malnourishment
  • Lifting more weights puts tremendous stress on your body
  • There is only so much circuit training that you can do before you become over-trained.When actors and actresses are in dire straights and need to get lean for movie roles they have been known to do 2-3 hour sessions of cardio a day <— This is not ideal!
    What you learn in Fat Torching Cardio is a much more efficient approach. 

    Your Cardio training should not take hours each day. Traditional ‘Slow Steady State’ cardio gets criticized so much in the fitness industry because of this very reason. The approach you will learn in Fat Torching Cardio is much more effective and efficient than traditional cardio.

    Fat Torching Cardio could almost be sold as a stand alone product and you get it as a FREE bonus.

    If that wasn’t enough, I have a special bonus for readers who buy through my website.

    As great and complete as the Visual Impact for Women course is, there are always people who need a little extra help. The information in the course will lay out an easy to follow template of how to get the body you have always desired.

    But, I really want you to get the best results. So after talking over with the author, Rusty Moore, I have put together a FREE Visual Impact for Women Meal Plan Bonus.

    This is a simple and straight forward meal plan based on the exact dieting principles in the course. This will make following the diet a total no-brainer. The main manual present a few different ways to implement a diet and my FREE Visual Impact for Women Meal Plan Bonus lays out daily meal options for all those variables.

    There a meal plans for all the different dieting approaches presented with enough options to last weeks. Plus an easy to follow calorie counter of foods that will let you make quick and easy adjustments to your meal plans and calorie intake.

    It just so happens that I have a keen interest in one of the diet principles, so I present some additional practical information on how best to implement it.

    So How Do I Get the FREE Visual Impact for Women Meal Plan Bonus?

    Easy! Simply order Visual Impact for Women through my website by clicking on any of the Visual Impact  links or use the one below. Come back to this page and enter your details below (your receipt number) and I will send you the bonus.

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