Effective Weight Training for Women

Weight Training for Women with a Twist

Much weight training for women advice is flat out wrong. If you are like most women and your goal is to firm and tone up your muscle, while losing body fat then this article is for you. If you want to get huge muscle that are vascular and look like a female bodybuilder, then this article is not for you. Please stop reading and go back to the gym. If you grasp and apply the principles I present here, you will probably know more than most people in the gym, even the trainers.

Weight training for women is a popular choice of body transformation exercise. It is usually used secondary to some form of cardiovascular training. Before we move onto talk about weight training for women, if your goal is to lose body fat then you need to make sure your diet is sorted out. You must be somehow controlling insulin to influence fat storage and/or creating a calorie deficit with diet or exercise. Of the two ways to create a calorie deficit, diet plays a larger role.

weight training for women[Weight Training for Women can be effective if used properly]

Weight Training for Women Should Be Fairly Straight Forward

Weight training for women should be a fairly straight forward topic, unfortunately our minds have been polluted by the mainstream fitness magazines and many weight training myths. This has women training with high reps using child like weights, trying to tone their muscles. This is utter nonsense. If you are doing this stop right now. This is not effective weight training for women and you are not only wasting your time, you could actually be hurting your progress towards a slim and sexy body.

Weight training for women if your goal is to firm and tighten your muscle and make areas like your arms, butt and legs smaller should not focus on high repetitions. Let me repeat that. You should not focus on high repetitions. High repetitions forces more blood into the muscle ultimately leading to increase size of muscle tissue. Most women I speak to want skinnier arms and a smaller butt, not a bigger one. So what is the solution?

The Answer for Effective Weight Training for Women?

The answer for effective weight training for women is low repetitions. I would aim for the 5 rep range. This means you can use heavier weights and your muscles will get stronger. It will also make your muscles more dense looking. In other words it will tone and define them, much more than high repetition training. Also weight training for women should not include training to failure. This means not lifting the weight until it is so hard you cannot lift it anymore. This level of intensity is a sure trigger for increasing muscle size. Not cool if you want to drop a jean size!

Weight training for women can be easy. Just follow the above mentioned principles. Use low repetitions and train short of failure. Remember we are trying to get a lean, slim bikini look. Not build huge bulging muscles. As far as designing the workout program and which exercises to do, well that is a whole other article in itself. Hope you enjoyed this article on weight training for women.

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